Why attend WRMJCE 2014?

Come join us in beautiful Denver to experience the first-ever Joint SPE Technical Conference and Exhibit organized by two major North America Regions: Western North America and Rocky Mountain. The main theme of this two-day event on April 17-18 is to cross-pollinate the technology ideas and know-how between Conventional and Unconventional Assets. The program includes interesting and challenging topics ranging from newest horizontal well technologies to 100 year old waterflood and steam operations. The digital component is included as a foundation to the smart fields and future remote operations. Recently there have been a lot of innovative ideas developed and tested in the Shale assets. At the same time, those professionals who operate IOR and EOR projects have accumulated many years’ of knowledge and experience in maximizing asset values. For those exploiting the Unconventionals, this conference provides a great opportunity to understand the Bakken and the Niobrara plays. For those from conventional asset, in addition to hearing case histories and technology of Waterflood and EOR projects, you will also have a chance to learn whether there are new Unconventional Technology that will help further your efforts to maximize production and recovery.

With the SPE ATCE taking place internationally in 2014, this event offers an opportunity for those E&P professionals in the Americas who need to stay closer to home or just want to maximize your learning opportunities. We encourage you to come to network and share technology.

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How to Win Daily at the Fantasy Money Leagues

Do you want to increase your chances of winning? Here are some excellent tips given by Peter Jennings who has won $1,000,000 by playing the fantasy sports. Here are some tips that can guide you in winning huge amount. By following this guide, you can get consistent winning results by minimizing the risks involved in it. You should employ a business centric approach for winning the game. The only purpose of this article is to create a path or provide guidance to people who are unknown about the game strategies. This can help them greatly by finding the competitive advantages by following the roadmap.

• Set a budget in the most efficient manner. Even if your subject is $10 per week, you should stick to it. Don’t invest a large amount initially as it may affect you at the end.
• New players usually make mistake by making maximum deposits in one chance. This can be beneficial in short run but may be very harmful in the long run.
• The player should be fully aware about the leagues as different leagues have different settings.
• The most important thing that a player should do is practice. This can improve your chances of winning any league that you appear for.
• The most probable but the most ignores step is undertaking a full research. Many players ignore this step but it is very essential .You may even incur losses because of avoiding this step.
• Creating your own roster offline is very essential as it cuts down unnecessary noise on the fantasy site.
• Drafting data largely depends on the kind of league that you are playing because each league has a specific strategy.

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